It's Review Time!

We have been overwhelmed by the positive response to our open call.  Between November 25th and January 31st, we have received over 70 submissions to the Physio Moves Canada project!  Your submissions represent the best of physiotherapy practice innovation from coast to coast and we are very excited to begin the next stage of the process – site selection.  While we would love to have visited all those who submitted expressions of interest, time and finances simply won't allow it.  One of the challenges in creating the short list will be where we have several excellent submissions in a similar area - it is possible that a site may not be selected not by virtue of the quality of its submission or innovation, but because we have a similar submission from another region with fewer options.  Regardless, given the wonderful response, we are now planning alternative means to connect with more sites that may occur outside of the formal cross-country road trip.

Over the next two weeks, all submissions will be thoroughly reviewed and sites will be short-listed for creative and innovative approaches to practice which enable meeting the needs of our changing population by:

  • Harnessing new technologies to expand their reach and maximize resources to provide care to more Canadians (think telehealth, interactive mobile solutions, etc)
  • Improving access to physiotherapy services to under serviced populations or to those with limited access to funds
  • Increasing patient engagement in rehabilitation – creative approaches to maximize independence (think PT as a guide with the patient/caregiver as an active participant)
  • Utilizing cultural awareness to enable successful outcomes for Canadians with diverse values, beliefs and perceptions
  • Implementing new models of care which include physiotherapy assistants (PTA's) to maximize reach

All short-listed sites will be contacted for further information by mid-February with a goal of finalizing site selection by the end of the month.  Once final sites have been confirmed, we plan to build other opportunities for engagement into the schedule, so please keep watching for further information on how you can participate in the project. 

We are very encouraged by the passion that Canadian physiotherapists hold for the profession and the clear desire to seek innovative solutions to best serve our ever-changing population.   We are even more excited to get out there and learn first-hand about opportunities and innovations that will keep our profession alive and well for generations to come!