The Stage is Set

A quick update today for those interested in the progress of the Physio Moves Canada project.  As stated in the last update, we were overwhelmed with the response to our open call with submissions and invitations from over 70 sites across the country.  It has been heartening to see the types of innovation happening in Canada.  It's clear that there is so much passion out there to push our profession forward into its next stage of evolution.  We can't wait to share what we will be seeing with the rest of the country.  Of course, time and resources are limited and we've had to conduct a challenging vetting process that required us to consider not only the innovation / alternative care model of the setting, but to also geographical and cultural representativeness and balance across the country, and the logistics that go along with planning a trip of this magnitude.  In some cases similar innovative practices were occurring at more than one site, and we had to consider all the factors mentioned when making our final selections.  It was a tender balancing act to be sure.

Following this process, we're very excited to have narrowed our target sites down to 26 across Canada, representing a wide diversity of practice settings, populations, and innovative practices.  Everything from disruptive 'physio on demand' models in Toronto to drop-in physio for people living on the streets of Whitehorse, virtual reality in Ottawa to provision of care in a cottage hospital-style setting in rural Newfoundland.  We'll be spending time with physiotherapists who are providing training to primary care physicians in Quebec City and those working in the emergency departments of Winnipeg.  If I had any reservations about the value of this project when I first conceived of it, they have been completely erased by the caliber of what we'll get to see and share over the summer.  And if you still want to participate but will not be at one of the sites we're visiting, watch for opportunities to participate in focus group sessions as we roll through your town.  Those will be announced through this site, social media and through your local association.

Our current foci are finalizing travel arrangements, finishing off the fundraising efforts (we're very close to our goal!) and working with Western's Research Ethics Board to ensure the research component of this project is conducted in accordance with proper scientific standards.  We're also preparing an FAQ section of this site to address common questions.

Continue to watch your emails, social media feeds and this site for more exciting news as we get closer to project launch!