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Hello internet and welcome to what I believe is the 10th video update from the physio moves Canada project.

After 7 weeks on the road that saw us drive 12,000 kms, visit 21 clinical sites, engage with over 30 clients and 80 clinicians, I am now back here I Casa di Walton in London Ontario.  While the formal road trip part of the project is over, I still have several sites here in Southern Ontario to visit over the next 6 weeks or so, at least 2 more focus sessions and several more clients to interview.  So the project is far from over, but I did want to offer some summarized reflections from the completed part of this ambitious project.

First off, many have asked when the results will become available.  Truth be told I have countless hours of data to pour over and probably 8 or 9 scientific papers to come out of it that will take me well into 2018 to fully disseminate.  However, you all will more likely hear the results first either at one of the conference presentations I already have booked, including CPA’s upcoming leadership forum or PTAlberta’s annual conference.  There will be a talk at CPA Congress in Montreal next year as well I’m sure, and others.  I will also continue to disseminate reflections and findings in smaller chunks here on our YouTube channel so go ahead and subscribe, also on the website, and through our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.  So plenty of ways to stay informed.

Now to a few broad reflections from this project so far.  First of all, what an adventure it has been.  You know a project is good when you come out the other end a changed person, and that has most definitely happened for me.  I am pleased to say that I have had some of my own biases challenged and I like to think improved, and most certainly will be approaching my own research questions going forward with a very different worldview.  So right there the project has been a success for me, but this has never been about my own personal gain.  The value is what I will be able to share with all of you, the physiotherapy stakeholders.  And let’s be clear, I’ve learned a lot, not all of which is going to be easy to swallow.  There are some very clear and very real threats facing the current practice of physiotherapy in Canada and likely many are applicable internationally.  I think it’s safe to say that if we become comfortable with the status quo then we will slowly but surely see our sphere of influence in the greater pantheon of healthcare erode.  However, for every threat there is an opportunity, and indeed this profession is also rife with opportunity if we’re willing to see them coming and prepared to adapt to fully leverage them as they come up.  And there are several we can create ourselves, we needn’t wait for the rest of the world to change and then sort out how we fit into it.  Why can’t we lead the change? 

I’ve also heard a lot about things we should consider about our current training programs and how they should be revised or reformed to better prepare the next generations of physios for the realities of clinical practice today and into the future.  And while I don’t want to risk over-politicizing this message, one of the consistent messages I’ve heard across the country is the importance of cultural literacy, including the creation of culturally aware, sensitive and safe spaces for our clients.  Recent international events have driven the need for cultural awareness and safety training home quite hard, and I’ll be engaging with leaders in that field to identify mechanisms through which that type of training can become a more integrated component of physiotherapy education.

So I’ll leave it at that for now.  I realizing I’m being somewhat vague but remember that the project is still ongoing and I am trying to maintain engagement while avoid biasing information I get from future participants.  Do keep an eye on our various information dissemination platforms and if you have your own thoughts on the future of PT please reach out to me on email, our website, or any other platform of your choosing.